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This is the mailing list for the Str8 Trade project from! You'll only receive one email a day for each new story published (unless I goof and press "send" instead of "schedule", in which case you might occasionally get two a day, lol). Emails will come from You may email me there with questions or suggestions of copyright-free story ideas. If you only want a particular kind of Str8 Trade (e.g. just "Foot Trade" or "Time Trade"), you can also email me and I'll put you down to only receive those.

Trigger Warnings: Book titles, blurbs or descriptions, advertising materials, contents and cover designs may contain references to extreme and offensive concepts, including nonconsenting sexual situations, such as but not limited to rape, assault and nonconsenting sexual slavery; adult images or descriptions; pseudoincest or incest; forbidden relationships such as but not limited to teacher/student, master/slave, pimp/prostitute and boss/worker; sexual harassment, dubious consent or reluctant consent; stereotypes and offensive language based on real or perceived race, gender, class, disability, age, caste, species, orientation, religion, nationality, body type, hair or eye color, hair texture, color, adornment or design, identity, creed, color, tribe, ethnicity, dialect or language, or other characteristics; profanity or obscenity; obtuse metaphors; descriptions, denigration or advocacy of vegetarianism or veganism, carnivorism, omnivorism or other diets; BDSM, dominance and submission both consensual and not consensual, and both male- and female-dominant and -submissive; ignorance, prejudice and lack of eduction; traditional gender roles and non-traditional gender roles; insults or epithets; unhappy endings; cheating, adultery, betrayals and cuckolding; death; descriptions, advocacy or denigration of science, superstition, New Age content, political correctness, intersectionality, morality, ethics, religion, paganism or mysticism; inaccurate medical or legal advice; feminism or anti-feminism; descriptions or depictions of transgender, intersex or gender-fluid individuals; patriotism or nationalism, or the lack thereof; cannibalism; dismissive, patronizing or condescending language; elitism and intellectualism or anti-elitism and anti-intellectualism; zoophilic, bestial or monstrous sexual contact; irony; criticism, celebration or fetishism based on characteristics, including but not limited to race, origin, religion, disability and the orientation, arrangement, color, appearance, health status, presence, size or shape of genitalia or other body parts; made-up or obscure vocabulary; kink-shaming; descriptions or depictions of bodily fluids including but not limited to semen, precum, saliva, urine, feces, cerumen, smegma, blood or menstrual blood, vaginal or anal secretions, tears, breastmilk, santorum, vomit or sweat; contradictions and paradoxes; non-English content; torture or cruelty, both consensual and not consensual; moral relativity; interracial relationships or intra-racial relationships; ambiguity; stridency, advocacy or denigration of valid political, social, cultural or economic thought; advocacy or denigration of monarchist or republican polities; misogyny or misandry; homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality; abstractions; improper role models and poor behavior; descriptions, advocacy or denigration of Communism, capitalism, theism or atheism, socialism, fascism or colonialism; apathy; cultural appropriation; unfair claims and bias; general inaccuracies; typos and errors; blasphemy and anti-religious content; pro-religious content and theological assertions; fictionalized, inaccurate and offensive depictions of real-world phenomena such as, but not limited to, transgender people, including seemingly related depictions of futanari, drag queens/kings, transvestitism and other such phenomena, which may also include disrespect or denigration based on real or perceived gender identity and expressed through, among other means, improper pronoun use, and labeling or titling inaccurately used in relation to transgender people; violence or brutality; crime, poverty or pollution; disease, disability and addiction; corruption; hatred, racism, anti-Semitism or bigotry. Do not sign up if you are unwilling to receive these emails. This mailing list -- and the Str8 Trade series as a whole -- is not a safe space. Read the blurbs before you buy. Writers, editors, publishers, designers, photographers, models or others associated with this content do not support or engage in these activities -- always practice safe consensual sex with (an) unrelated adult human(s).
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